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My mission is to help you rediscover yourself. To give you memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. Moments with your family, friends, pets or just with you. I will share part of my energy and enthusiasm with you. Show you why you are different and how to take advantage of that. Feel good about yourself. Fall in love with your image. So will the others. Through photography. Exclusive. Elite. Elegant. Through an experience you can hardly find elsewhere.
Relax and imagine yourself dressed elegantly, controlling your attitude and look. The light is strategically placed to highlight your qualities and you have a hidden smile in your eyes. It’s easier than it looks, don’t worry. That’s because it’s fun to work with me. I am known for breaking the rules. For bringing joy into the room. For smiling. For making you feel comfortable. We can make small talk about kids, hobbies or business. It will feel right.
We’ll start with a cup of coffee. A good one, preferably espresso. You will feel you can tell me your story. I’m genuinely interested in it. I believe every human being has its uniqueness that deserves to be understood, captured and shared.
I want to learn more about you as a person, about what motivates you to do whatever you are doing. About your problems and how you overcome them. What type of personality you have. Take a sip of coffee, relax and smile. We can talk about vacations. Or hobbies. Or share the latest adventures of our kids.
Camera loves you. You are good-looking. If you think otherwise, it simply means that no photographer has passed through your social armor. Yet.
Call me. Let’s meet. Let’s create some everlasting memories.


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