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Hi there, We are Adelina & Teodor, husband and wife, photographers, adventurers, artists and dreamers. We are warm, cheery and we enjoy being surrounded with happy people. And this is the simple reason why we love photographing weddings.
We love nature, animals and good food, we like to travel a lot, and we enjoy learning about new places and people.
We have a little fluffy thing, named Karla. She is so playful all the time and she loves to be our model. We just need to look into her black and shiny eyes, and we feel so inspired!
We love the emotion of photojournalism. We’re there to capture beautiful moments between you, and to capture the joy and love of your families, the details you’ve spent all this time planning. We love to create pictures that tell stories, honest and natural. A little detail here, a big smile there, your story.
Our pictures are for those who cherish memories and know exactly how powerful photography is. When you take a look back at your photos, we want you to relive all those wonderful moments from that day.
Don’t worry if you can’t see us, we’ll be there for you, will show up when you need us to, and leave once your story is told.
We are from Romania, and we live in a city very close to Bucharest.
And yes, we would love to travel to your wedding. We will happily cross oceans to photograph your special day!


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